Friday, 11 February 2011

Norfolk coast

I thought it might be nice to place this blog in some sort of context. Much of my photography is done in North Norfolk and I think this image – taken during December 2010's heavy snowfalls – illustrates why it's a privilege to live here. Mile after mile of unspoilt coastline, the huge skies, the magical light (when it's not interminably grey), the special allure of the saltmarshes and countless well-run nature reserves combine to make it the perfect place in which to indulge my passion (read obsession).

Canon 1Ds MkII, 1/200 sec, f22, 17mm at ISO 200


  1. Hi Tim. I'm not at all jealous ... much!!
    This scene says it all and why I love to visit this favourite piece of coast whenever possible.

    Thanks for joining 'The Early Birder' and hope you enjoy images from a land-locked county.

  2. Hi Tim - this shot is stunning! I was trying to work out where it was - is this Burnham Norton by any chance?

    Best Wishes Penny

  3. Hi Penny – it does look like Burnham Norton, doesn't it, but it's actually Salthouse, just up the coast (going east) from Cley.