Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dandelion seed head (macro)

With bright skies and a brisk wind, I thought today might be a good day to try to capture a shot of dandelion seeds being blown from the parent plant. As it was, the breeze died a little but was just strong enough to dislodge a few seed-bearing parachutes. What I was looking for with this shot was not an artistic interpretation (I will be posting some of these later), but a detailed macro image showing the mechanics of this plant's seed dispersal system. In the end, I think I was lucky enough to get both – at full size, the shot is rich in detail, but also has, I think, a certain beauty.

Canon 1Ds MkII, Canon 100mm 2.8 IS L-series macro lens, 1/250th sec, f/13, 100mm at ISO 250 with flash


  1. Great concept Tim, and lovely execution.

  2. How you focussed on those loose seeds I will never know Tim, just brilliant.

  3. That shot is superb! I'm thinking of investing in the macro lens you used to go with my 40D, if I got anything half as good I would be over the moon.

  4. Hi Roy. The key was closing the aperture to allow for a deeper focal plane (depth of field).

    Hi Alan. The lens won't let you down – I'm sure you'll create some stunning images.