Wednesday, 7 March 2012

European Otter (Lutra lutra)

Too busy to get out much (and the weather and light have been desperate) so here's a European Otter from the files. PS: Reference some of the lovely comments below, I should make it clear that this is a captive animal. Sorry, I never wanted to claim any great fieldcraft to get the shot.


  1. Superb image Tim!

    Weathers looks to be picking up a bit in the next few days, lets hope for some light then :-)

  2. Beautiful shot, great pose and detail. hope you find time to get out and enjoy yourself soon

  3. Great to get an opportunity of getting this close. Great shot!

    1. Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the kind comment, but I fear I don't deserve it. This was a captive animal; I would love to get this close in the wild.

  4. Excellent shot Tim, I've never seen one in the wild, I'm hoping to one day!

  5. Wow Tim, great to get so close. Dream shot.

  6. Hi Christian. As above, thanks for the kind comment but this was a captive animal. I would love to get this close in the wild. Cheers, Tim