Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lunch on the go for this Pied Wagtail

Enjoying the sunshine in the garden for an hour at lunchtime yesterday, I noticed this Pied Wagtail returning to the same spot on the lawn time after time. When I investigated why this part of the garden was such a draw I found (brace yourself) that I had failed to completely clear up one of the 'dog eggs' left by my labrador, Bumble. I decided to leave it and – confident the wagtail would be unable to resist the feast of flies that had gathered – I was able to lie down on the grass within just a few metres and capture lunch on the go for this most endearing little bird, who was almost oblivious to my presence.

All shots: Canon 1ds MkIII, Canon 100-400mm L series lens at 400mm


  1. What super shots Tim. I particularly like the one where it is scuttling away.

  2. Great shots Tim, must have a nest nearby with young as it looks as if it was collecting rather than eating.

  3. Hi Roy. Thanks for your kind comment. I agree – lunch on the go was simply an attempt at a snappy headline. With the volume of flies it was both catching and then carrying, I agree with you that they were almost certainly bound for young mouths.

  4. Brilliant action captures.