Thursday, 5 September 2013

Italian Wall Lizard

Hello again. I'm just back from a holiday in Italy and Switzerland, so my apologies for the absence of new posts. It's traditional in my family that whenever I go to Italy I have to get a decent shot of a Wall Lizard. Unsurprisingly, I saw none in Milan and none in Geneva, but once we got to Lake Maggiore there were plenty around. So, here are a couple – I particularly like the way the blue backdrop echoes the markings on the lizard's underbelly in the second shot.


  1. I think they vary in colour Tim as the ones I have seen lower down in Tuscany appear mainly green. They are pretty quick though and need some sharp shooting.

    1. Hi Roy. It's funny shooting these delightful creatures – the vast majority, as you say, are really skittish and very, very fast on their feet; some, however, seem more than happy to allow the camera lens really quite close (the first shot is full frame, no cropping). I wondered whether it was a basking thing (needing to warm up) that meant some stayed put, but I've found this to be the case at all times of the day. Regards, Tim

  2. I have never seen one still enough to be photographed!