Monday, 4 November 2013

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

A trio of shots taken for my next column in The English Home magazine (January issue), where the focus will be on how these enchanting – but much-maligned – creatures are now seen much more frequently in towns and cities. This one (photographed in a Norfolk garden) is in fine fettle: alert, well fed and boasting a fabulous coat. Sadly, however, in many cases the fox seen in more urban areas is a shadow of its more rural counterparts, its diet of scavenged leftovers frequently leading to a distressingly scrawny, mangey appearance.


  1. Superb images Tim.
    Yes the city foxes look pretty awful and are involving into a sub-species.
    Your shots are how a fox should look.

  2. Wow these are fantastic,love the second image.

  3. Those are superb images Tim, just how the creatures should look, simply beautiful.