Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kittiwakes (Rissa tridactyla)

Kittiwakes are such good value photographically. Their plumage is, I think, stunning in its simplicity and boldness. The black wing tip feathers are so dramatic against the white body feathers and that beautiful yellow beak is a delightful counterpoint. These were all shot on Inner Farne in Northumberland and each image was taken in the midst of a dense sea fret.

All Canon 1Ds Mk II

1. 1/8,000 sec, f/4, 126mm at ISO 200
2. 1,8,000 sec, f/5, 200mm at ISO 320
3  1, 1,600 sec, f6.3, 140mm at ISO 320
4  1, 1,600 sec, f6.3, 140mm at ISO 320

1 comment:

  1. Stunning pictures. I'd forgotten that they have webbed feet. Old age I fear.