Sunday, 10 April 2011

Top 10 most wanted

I thought it might be an interesting exercise to share my 10 must-get British wildlife shots. The list is not in any particular order, but represents those images I would love to have in my portfolio, but have yet to manage. It's also not intended to be a list of rarities – my passion is not for the seldom seen but simply for compelling images which, I hope, convey something of the beauty of the animal. Perhaps it would be fun for other bloggers to post their photographic wish-lists. So, over to you…

Here goes...

1. WEASEL or STOAT – either hunting or within a family group

2. GOLDEN EAGLE – in my dream shot it is in flight carrying off its prey, possibly a young hare or rabbit

3. PUFFIN – preferably with its bill stuffed full of glistening sand eels (I have a trip planned to the Farne Islands over Easter, so this one might yet happen)

4. OSPREY – leaving the water with a fish in its talons

5. KINGFISHER – relatively common here in North Norfolk, but I have yet to capture one on film. In my dream shot it would be diving headlong into pristine water or perched on a branch with its stickleback catch

6. SWALLOW – yes, common enough, but I would love to capture an adult bird feeding an infant bird on the wing

7. OWL – Barn Owl or Tawny Owl captured at the moment of a kill

8. DORMOUSE – simply because they are the most delightful creatures and I have never seen one

9. BAT – any one of our eight resident species caught on the wing (if anyone out there can advise on the techniques involved in managing to capture on film a bat in flight, I'd love to learn more)

10. BOTTLENOSED DOLPHIN – leaping from the water.


  1. You don't want much do you Time.{:)
    Its a superb list and would be good in anyones portfolio.

  2. Oh how I can relate to your dream images.....

    When we first moved to the farmhouse I was chatting to a neighbour. As we stood there passing the time of day, a weasel strolled by with a woodmouse in it's mouth. Needless to say I did not have my camera to hand. I now take my camera most places with me, you just never know.

    I have bats in my loft. I watch them catch moths in my gardens most evenings in summer. I have never been able to capture one on camera.

  3. Hi Roy. It's good to have targets, don't you think? And I'm happy in the knowledge there will be other great moments as I try to tick off some of this list over the years.

  4. Hi Cheryl. The weasel and woodmouse encounter must linger in the memory. What a moment.

  5. Wow - I'd be happy to share your list Tim...and couldn't agree more about the dormouse... I'd just like to see one.

    I would add to my list: Lesser spotted woodpecker at a nest hole. I haven't even seen one yet, let alone pointed a lens at it, so it continues to be my bogey bird! :D

    Good luck with your quest :D

  6. Hi Tricia. Here's wishing you well in capturing one – such a fabulous bird. – Tim