Thursday, 10 March 2011

The frustrations of this passion of ours

Walking the dogs this morning, I was struck by how frustrating sometimes this passion we share for photography and wildlife can be. I spotted a family of buzzards – a mother and two recent fledglings, I believe – hunting around a copse close to the house. But without my camera and needing to be back in the office, there was nothing I could do except to enjoy the spectacle for a few minutes before heading off. The early morning sun was out and the light would have been perfect to capture some shots of these stunning birds. But by the time other more mundane matters had been sorted out, time had marched on, clouds had returned once again and the light was poor. I could, of course, resolve to carry a camera with me at all times (in reality I usually do), but to do the buzzards justice would have required a substantial lens and more than a little patience. In other words, not a snap shot. Ah well, maybe another time...

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