Thursday, 16 June 2011

Greenbottle Fly (Phaenicia sericata)

I have long been fascinated by astronomy, the bewildering vastness of space and the fact that to gaze up at the stars in the night sky is literally to look back in time. But I am also becoming increasingly drawn to the macro world, which can reveal the minutiae of the life going on around us all the time. This isn't a macro shot – the image was actually captured from about 2.5 metres away – but it does provide, I think, an interesting perspective on a scene too often missed.

Canon 1Ds MkII, Canon 100-400mm IS USM lens, 1/1,250 sec, f/5.6, 400mm at ISO 400


  1. Absolutely.....bugs and bacteria, have always fascinated me. I encourage all forms of life into this garden and enjoy watching and studying the little things. I am not a clever person but experience has taught me so much.

    A beautiful image.....

  2. You're so right Cheryl. We can learn something from all life – large or small.

  3. I agree regarding the macro World Tim. You have certainly captured the amazing green colour in these images. Its also surprising what you can capture with a 100-400mm.

  4. The colours are superb and I like the way the flower is visible through the wings in the last one.