Wednesday, 10 April 2013

First honeybees of spring

I generally enjoy the colder months, but this winter has seemed interminable and it is good finally to see the first signs of a spring that is unlikely to be a false dawn. One of the highlights in the garden is the arrival of the first bees. This afternoon I saw my first large Bumblebee of this year, although it didn't land to attempt to retrieve some nectar from barely open flowers. There were, however, a few Honeybees around and I managed these two shots which do, I think, have a real warmth about them.

Canon 350D, Canon 100mm prime macro lens, 1/250th sec, f/3.5, 100mm at ISO 500
Canon 350D, Canon 100mm prime macro lens, 1/320th sec, f/5.6, 100mm at ISO 500


  1. It is so very good to know that some Honey Bees have survived, I was quite fearful that the winter had gone on too long for them to start collecting again. There is precious little for them to be feeding on around here.

  2. Hi Tim, I love that second shot and I was wondering what flowers these were? I can't figure it out!

    1. Hi Jenny. The bush is a Mahonia. It's always the first to flower in the garden and its sweet, honey-flavoured scent never fails to attract the first bees. Hope that helps – Tim

  3. I should have known that as I used to work in a garden centre many moons ago. Not seeing the leaves gulled me though! (-:

  4. Hi Jenny. I only know this because a gardener friend told me what it was when I had no idea. I'm terrible with horticultural names – Tim