Thursday, 4 April 2013

Sunset Over Wiveton Church

This shot was taken while crouched in a hedge waiting for barn owls to show up. They didn't – or at least not in range of my camera – but I was compensated by what I think is quite a pleasing composition. Shooting contre-jour (or directly into strong daylight) is something of a balancing act; a case of keeping down the amount of light entering the camera, so the whole picture is not horribly over-exposed, while still retaining definition and detail in more shaded areas. I'm particularly drawn to the way the rays from the setting sun carry on through the stained glass window of the church and also the way the onset of the end of the day is conveyed through the deep yellows of the sky contrasting with last residues of blue sky reflected in the creek as it wends its way through the salt marsh.

Canon 1Ds MkII, Canon 100-400mm IS L lens, 1/640th sec, f/25 100mm at ISO 200


  1. Ooh, I like that one, I enlarged it and could see the colours of the stained glass and the effect of the sun makes it look as if there is some mist about too. Super!

  2. Apologies for not visiting lately Tim. (You had dropped below the radar)
    I can see from looking back that I had missed lot of fabulous images.

    1. Hi Roy. No apology necessary – it was me who dropped off the radar (bad 2012). Great to be in touch again – Tim

  3. What a lovely shot. Is this your local patch? I love Norfolk, but only generally get over there once a year, usually winter. I'll be coming back to your blog again! (-:

  4. Hi Jenny. Yes, this is my local patch – I live a couple of minutes from the church and the beautiful salt marshes. Thanks for your kind comment.